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This is the official homepage of the Jefferson Davis shrine, and gives much information about Beauvoir, the antebellum mansion where the Hon. Jefferson Davis spent his last 10 years; 1879-1889. It is a beautiful estate in Biloxi, Mississippi, open to tourists. This location will also feature the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library, a comprehensive project of the State of Mississippi.

The Camp Moore Confederate Cemetery & Museum

This is a site dealing with the Camp Moore Confederate Cemetery. Camp Moore is a former Confederate training center near New Orleans, Louisiana, where several thousand Confederate garrisoners were housed and trained. The site became a cemetery, with as many as 800 Confederate soldiers buried there. Today, there is a monument and museum located there to honor the Confederates who gave their lives there. Visit this page to find out more about this fascinating attraction.

The Confederate Memorial Park

This is the homepage of the only former Confederate veterans home in Alabama, which is spread out over 100 acres of countryside. Hundreds of ailing veterans were housed at this location in the early twentieth century, and their widows were also served here. This page gives a history of the park and visiting information. The page also tells about the wider issue of supporting the elderly veterans on both sides.


This web page is a true 'virtual southern mall,' advocating small southern businesses through advertising on the web. Dixiemart includes flags and accessories, clothing, artwork, crafts, and books & music. This page is truly a handy resource for any collector, reenactor, and anyone interested in that fine Southern culture.

The Southern Partisan Magazine

The web page of the popular Southern Partisan Magazine includes feature articles from back issues, subscription information, and other points of contact. Part of the CSAnet, this is a very handsome homepage for a successful Southern periodical.

The Southern Patriot Magazine

The Southern Patriot is the national newsletter of The Southern League, a growing organization protecting the values and culture of the Confederate South. In this magazine, you will find many articles concerning the actions of the Southern League, and issues concerning Southern Nationalism and Historical Preservation. With many back issues on this site, you will undoubtedly find many articles to suit your taste.

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