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Confederate Reenacting Links

Alabama Reenacting Units
15th Alabama Infantry Regiment
19th Alabama Company H
19th Alabama Company I
22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment
33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment
48th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Arkansas Reenacting Units
3rd Arkansas Regiment
6th Arkansas Regiment Infantry Volunteers
7th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
8th Arkansas Cavalry
Florida Reenacting Units
1st Florida Infantry
3rd Florida Infantry
Georgia Reenacting Units
The Savannah River Squadron
12th Georgia Infantry
48th Georgia Volunteers
Kentucky Reenacting Units
1st Kentucky Infantry Regiment
4th Kentucky Volunteers
Louisiana Reenacting Units
1st Special Battalion Louisiana Volunteers
1st Louisiana Brigade
3rd e.gif>3rd Louisiana Volunteer Infantry (Trans-Mississippi Rifles)
7th Louisiana Infantry, Company C
7th Louisiana Infantry, Company K
8th Louisiana Infantry
9th Lousiana Infantry
10th Louisiana Infantry
14th Louisiana Sharpshooters
Mississippi Reenacting Units
9th Mississippi Infantry
18th Mississippi Infantry
Missouri Reenacting Units
4th Missouri Infantry
5th Missouri Infantry
6th Missouri Infantry
North Carolina Reenacting Units
3rd North Carolina Cavalry
21st North Carolina Infantry
26th North Carolina State Troops
30th North Carolina Regiment
37th North Carolina State Troops
49th North Carolina Volunteer Infantry
South Carolina Reenacting Units
Confederate States Marine Corps, Co. B
1st South Carolina Artillery
1st South Carolina Cavalry
1st South Carolina Rifles
10th South Carolina Regiment
10th South Carolina Ladies Auxiliary
27th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Tennessee Reenacting Units
6th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry
52nd Tennessee Infantry
Texas Reenacting Units
3rd Texas Cavalry
4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company C
4th Texas Volunteer Infantry, Company E
5th Texas Cavalry
8th Texas Cavalry
9th Texas Infantry
34th Texas Cavalry
Confederate Navy Reenactors, Galveston Chapter
Virginia Reenacting Units
Richmond Fayette Artillery
7th Virginia Infantry
9th Virginia Cavalry
9th Virginia Cavalry Company C
32nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry
33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry
33rd Virginia Infantry, Company A
36th Virginia Infantry
43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion
44th Virginia Infantry
Interstate Reenacting Units
1st Confederate Division
Archers Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia
6th Battalion, Army of Northern Virginia (The Southern Legion)
New Mexico Civil War Commemorative Congress

Yankee Reenacting Links

Connecticut Reenacting Units
17th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
27th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
Indiana Reenacting Units
19th Indiana Infantry
42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry
42nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Company H
49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry
Illinois Reenacting Units
20th Illinois Infantry
37th Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry
66th Illinois Infantry
Kentucky Reenacting Units
11th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment, USA
Kansas Reenacting Units
1st Kansas Infantry
Maine Reenacting Units
20th Maine Infantry
20th Maine Infantry, Company G
Maryland Reenacting Units
7th Maryland Volunteer Infantry
Massachussets Reenacting Units
18th Massachussets Volunteer Infantry
28th Massachussets Volunteer Infantry
54th Massachusets Colored Infantry
Michigan Reenacting Units
1st Michigan Light Artillery
2nd Michigan Volunteer Infantry
3rd Michigan Infantry
7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry
New Hampshire Reenacting Units
5th New Hampshire Infantry Regiment
New Jersey Reenacting Units
8th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment
12th New Jersey Infantry Regiment
New York Reenacting Units
1st New York Volunteer Engineers
3rd New York Artillery Battery
5th New York Volunteer Infantry
14th Brooklyn State Militia
39th New York State Volunteers
47th New York State Volunteers
49th New York Volunteer Infantry
55th New York Volunteer Infantry
69th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company A
69th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company C
79th New York Volunteer Infantry
Ohio Reenacting Units
1st Ohio Light Artillery
5th Ohio Light Artillery, Ltd.
6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
29th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry
76th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Pennsylvania Reenacting Units
11th Pennsylvania Infantry
28th Pennsylvania Infantry
87th Pennsylvania Infantry
104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
114th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
Rhode Island Reenacting Units
1st Rhode Island Light Artillery
South Carolina Reenacting Units
1st South Carolina Colored Infantry
Wisconsin Reenacting Units
6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
7th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
28th Wisconsin Infantry
Interstate Reenacting Units
American Civil War Association
The National Civil War Association
Army of the Pacific
Irish Brigade
Northwest Civil War Council
Washington Civil War Association
Other Reenacting Pages
The Civil War Reenactors Homepage
Camp Chase Gazette
Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites
Ghost Riders Stunt Group
ReEnactors of the American Civil War
American Battlefield Protection Program
Reenactors Webmall

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