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The Confederate Memorial Association

Based at the 'Confederate Embassy' in Washington, DC, this Heritage Organization is responsible for preserving and protecting the Confederate Memorial Hall, their HQ, and informing the general public through the media. Also, the CMA serves as a central point for Southern culture in the Washington, DC, area.

Confederate States-Allied

This organization is the European branch of the American Historical Preservation Society, and is involved in working towards the goals of the Confederacy, constitutional states' rights, honour and hospitality, and regional culture, in Europe. They are also interested in honoring the service of European-born Confederate soldiers.

The Heritage Alliance

This organization was founded to spread the truth about the US Civil War Center of Louisiana State University and how that institution is actively working against Southern history by employing a bias in their works.

The Heritage Preservation Association

This organization is one of the South's greatest assets, protecting Southern culture and history from political-correct revisionists . They have scored major victories with the battle flags in South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi, and are pursuing legal action in the cases of Southern Patriotism in several states. This is a fine organization for any southern nationalist to join.

The Order of Confederate Rose, Mary Anna Jackson Chapter

The Order OF Confederate Rose was organized in 1993 by wives and families of Sons of Confederate Veterans. It's purpose is to support and assist the SCV in perpetuating our Southern Heritage through educational programs, social functions, and other endeavors of the SCV.Member of the Order of Confederate Rose need not have ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, but need only to have a sincere and earnest interest in preserving our Southern and Confederate Heritage.

Sarah Law Chapter of the Order of Confederate Rose, Memphis, TN

The Southern Legal Resource Center

This law association consists of fifty attornerys who are interested in preserving Confederate ideals of freedom of speech and expression, which includes the rights to wear Confederate clothing, keep monuments, and other symblas of Southern pride.

The Southern Defense Initiative Corporation

SDI is a Southern Heritage Organization is a new organization advocating the return of the Confederate Battleflag to all Southern State flags, the reverence of Confederate Heroes, the credibility and authority of the South in political dialogue, and the return to governing by the Constitution of 1789. This organization also publishes Counterattack, a magazine explaining their goals. On this page, you can read about the goals of this fine group, order their magazine, and read The 12-point contract with the South.

The Southern League

The Southern League is a growing organization protecting the values and traditions of the Confederacy, with a special emphasis on states' rights and the right of secession. These very impressive sites contains vast quantities of information on such topics as heritage violations, introductions to The Southern League, and state chapter contacts.
The National Southern League Home Page
The Southern League of Florida
The Southern League of Georgia
The Southern League of Maryland
The Southern League of Mississippi
The Southern League of Virginia
Southern League Membership Application

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