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American South Internet Resource Center

This is the Southern resource center homepage located at the University of North Carolina, and includes references from Southern traditions from before the 'late breaking war' to the idolatry of Elvis Presley. This page also features a clickable image-map for the Southern resources in many Southern states. The page also has the most recent Southern focus poll, which measures the mood of the South. This page would be entertaining for all those interested in all aspects of the South, because it is a very complete page.

The Confederate Information Gallery

This is a new comprehensive feature of The Confederate Network, providing a wealth of information about the great leaders of the Confederacy. Including in this Information Gallery are information on Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. Jackson, and Jefferson Davis, among others. For short biographies, books about these leaders, and essays about them, visit this magnificent Southern site. This page is compliments of The Confederate Network, one of the largest pro-Southern heritage sites on the internet.

Confederate Flag Regulations

These official regulations on the display and use of the Confederate Flag were written by Gen. Stephen D. Lee nearly 100 years ago for the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This page shows pictures of the official Confederate Flags, drawn to scale, and explains how they must be honored and preserved, just as the United States Flag must be. A handy resource for those who deal with and use Confederate Flags, and those who wish to learn about Confederate Flag usage.

Confederate Military Terms

This is an extremely useful page of the dialect the average confederate officer might use to describe military functions, situations, soldiers, etc. The dictionary contains word from abatis: an entrenchment of fallen trees sharpened and pointed towards the enemy to zouave:light infantry, originally Arabs and Moors. Anyone interested in the lifestyle and military speaking terms of the Confederacy should visit this site.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

This is another, larger, database of the flags of the Confederate States. This site has the pictures and histories of flags from the Confederate Government, the Army of Northern Virgina, the Army of Tennessee, and the Armies of the Trans-Mississippi West. A good page for those looking to find visuals of the flags their ancestors fought under.

Famous essay by Gen. John B. Gordon

This page contains the entire essay written by former Confederate John B. Gordon around 1900. Along with a photo of Gen. Gordon in uniform, the essay contains the Genl's views on Southern patriotism and symbols , which is used today as a cornerstone of protecting Southron heritage. Quoted in 'Civil War', the magazine of the Civil War Society, the essay focuses on the points of education of the War for Southern Independence, and pleas for future generations to not forget what those 'tattered' battle flags stood for. This is a very moving essay, so please take time to review it.

Great Southern Men Memorial

This is a very comprehensive network of information on Southern leaders, politicians, and soldiers of the South. This is an extremely impressive collection of biographies and information on every Southern leader from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to John Calhoun and James Thornwell to Jefferson Davis and JEB Stuart. Anyone interested in Southern biographies and leaders would be well worth their time to visit this page, because it is very comprehensive and complete.

Lyrics to Confederate Songs

This site contains the lyrics to popular Confederate songs. Here, you can find a searchable index of the lyrics, so if you can remember a couple words of songs you sang as a child, you can piece them together and find that song. There is a long alphabetized index of the songs, so you can go right to the song of your choice. The more widely-known songs listed here include 'The Bonnie Blue Flag' and 'Dixie's Land,' and also includes lesser known Southern songs such as 'Stonewall Jackson's Way,' and 'Victory Won at Richmond.' This is a very impressive site for interested Southerners.

Museum of the Confederacy

The Museum of the Confederacy, located in Richmond Virginia, formerly the capital of the Confederacy, contains the largest and rarest collection of War For Southern Independence items in the world. From Robert E. Lee's surrender uniform, to JEB Stuart's plumed hat, the collections and displays of this fine museum are unparalleled. Further, the Museum, and the adjoining White House of the Confederacy are highly active in the preservation of Southern monuments and are involved in Southern education.

Papers of Jefferson Davis Home Page

This is a comprehensive database of the papers, and other information on Jefferson Davis, beloved President of the Confederate States. Useful for any researcher, student, teacher, and Southerner, this site contains an in-depth biography of the President, as well as the text of many other speeches, among information on the rest of his family. This is a truly educational and informative web site on Jefferson Davis.

Religion of the Old South

This is a very useful source of information about the religion in the South. It is specifically inclined towards the Presbyterian denomination and contains a copy of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which was used to teach Southern children about Christianity and religion. This page is useful for anyone interested or doing research on the religious background and practices of the antebellum South.

Southern Culture Homepage

The Center for the Study of Southern Culture is located at the University of Mississippi (Ole' Miss), and hosts many events dealing with Southern Culture. This is a fine center for learning about Southern roots and Southern culture from George Washington to Elvis Presley, and then some. This site features an online publication, information on the academic program at the center, and gives information on Ole' Miss in general. A great place for prospective students and researches to stop by.

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